Small Businesses Simply Don’t Work

By Kristina Coyne

August 8, 2022

Is it really possible to go from working 20 hour days to taking half days off...?

… WITHOUT your business falling apart?

Yes, it really is possible!

That’s just what one of my amazing clients did.

He’d been in business, very successfully, for a number of years. He had a large staff…

… and HE was the glue that held everything together.

  • Responding to most of the client calls.
  • Managing supplier issues.
  • Dealing with all the staffing issues.
  • As well as doing all the quotes… (he runs a renovation business).

He knew that something had to give… and he didn’t want it to be his health.

  • He’d tried working harder and longer. That didn’t work. His “to do” list just kept getting longer and longer…
  • He’d tried hiring more staff. That didn’t work. It just landed more work back on his plate, trying to get them to do things in the way he wanted…
  • He thought he needed to put in a CRM to help manage the marketing… but he didn’t know the first thing about how to do it. He’s a builder (a damn good one), not an IT expert!

So he called me.

I worked with him and his staff. Got his CRM set up and ready to go…

… and a while later, his business is going strong, he’s working less and getting paid more…

… and he still hasn’t implemented his CRM!

WHAT the …?

Because he didn’t need the software to solve the problem.

The problem was that he didn’t have his business foundations set up so that his staff could work independently… STILL under his direction… but without him being involved in all the day-to-day.

He wasn’t maximising his marketing, to get a better return on that investment.

Things that were going on in his business were hidden from everyone’s view, so they were extremely difficult to fix…

And when you’ve got those kinds of issues, all the skills and expertise that you use to build your business successfully to this point simply don’t work to solve them.

In fact, they tend to exacerbate the problem.

Working more, relying on specific individual’s skills, all contribute to the “hero” culture of small businesses.

This is why Michael E Gerber says “Small businesses simply do not work; the people who own them do.”

Quote by Michael Gerber "Small businesses simply do not work: the people who own them do"

Small businesses run on the goodwill, time, blood, sweat and tears of the people who work in them… especially the owner.

And they don’t need to.

When you get to this kind of size, the only thing that allows the business owner to get off the hamster wheel is to start looking at the underlying structures – the workflows and data.

Making all of these visible allows the owner and the staff to REALLY “see” what’s going on…

… so they can identify where the issues are, and how to resolve them… and improve things immensely.

Now, EVERY business has the same underlying structures. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are. Or even what your industry is.

(Which is not to say that this is one-size-fits-all. Or that your business isn’t unique. Your business is ABSOLUTELY unique. And that uniqueness comes out at the lower levels of these structures. It’s just that the higher level is consistent across all businesses. Think of it in the same way that the basic structure of a human being (skeleton, organs, etc) is consistent, with variations for each individual.)

Now, if you’re like most of the business owners I know, when you’ve got a problem, your thinking about the solution is likely to be

“I want this to be easier. I want to collapse time. I want it to be FAST.”

And when I ask WHY they want that… they all say more-or-less the same thing…

“Because the time is NOW and I’m not available to mess around.”

Can you relate?

And those I work with ALL have a MISSION. They all have many people they’re meant to serve, and a ripple of impact to create.

They are absolutely freaking serious about that creating impact.

They’re NOT willing to sacrifice self care, their health, time with family, or give up what matters most.

And they all want to do it with ease, while creating EPIC income – multi-six-figures every year, take home, after taxes – and an extraordinary life by design.

If that’s you… let’s have a conversation.

Because when you work on your foundational structures, not only can you go from working 20 hour days to taking half days off…

… you can also double your profits over the next year…

… have your staff independently manage things (to your expected high quality, while keeping you informed) …

… plus increase your customer service and satisfaction (so you can even raise your prices and STILL have them clamouring to work with you!)

Kristina Coyne

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