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about working with Kristina

"Before working with Kristina, I was trying to work all my CRM things out on my own but to be honest, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing. It was so frustrating. If I hadn’t worked with Kristina, I would have just continued to work harder than I needed to, doing everything the long way.

There’s nothing worse than someone coming in and telling you what THEY think you need to do. There was none of that with Kristina. She listened and made things work for me.

Kristina tailored everything to me and my business, and knew exactly how I needed everything to work. She spent the time understanding how and why I did things in my business. She worked out how my CRM would fit in with what I do and when I do it. Plus, she found workarounds for me to use in the CRM so I didn’t have to upgrade immediately to use features in a higher plan.

While training me how to do things for myself in the CRM, Kristina continued to explain processes to me in different ways until I got it.

Working with Kristina is absolutely the best money I spent last year. It’s saved me hours every week. Without her, I would just have given up on it."

Kellie Nissen

"Working with Kristina transformed our business. After the work we did with her, everything runs much more calmly. It’s a terrific cultural change. We’re no longer running around like chooks with their heads cut off. We’re no longer busy, busy, busy, always trying to bail water out of the boat. Now we fix the holes in the boat.

Before I started working with Kristina, I was working 20 hour days. Kristina showed me all the things I was doing. The questions she asked made me realise that I didn’t WANT to do all those things. I had thought that I had to do it all, when really I didn’t. She worked with me to put the structures in place so that I could delegate work with confidence that it would be done how I wanted it to. And without more work landing back on my plate.

So now I do the work in my business that I want to. The staff are more empowered and invested in the outcomes for the business. They deal with a lot of issues without even bringing them to me. I can see that they’re doing a great job.

It was definitely worth it."

Mark Sheppard 

"The insights Kristina provides are amazing. The structured approach she recommends is not just about being organised and having more time, it’s about running a professional business that allows you to increase your bottom line through tracking and following up on genuine leads, seeing trends and working out where to spend your resources to maximise your conversions and ROI.

Kristina also provided the best description I’ve heard of a way of developing a customer avatar and I’ve been through a few of these processes."

Gillian Andale

"Kristina worked with me to identify where my best clients were coming from, and to work with that source to position ourselves better, and get way more, better qualified leads. She also showed me how to educate people without it taking all my time. To set things up so that potential clients educate themselves, and can see straight away the value we offer.

Now, we've gone from trying to convince clients to use us, to them convincing me to do the job for them. We’ve been able to raise our prices, and still be booked out for the next 8 months. We're doing less, but our turnover’s higher, much higher. Because I'm doing higher end stuff. I don't mind doing a little less work and still getting paid more for it. It's definitely easier."

Mark Sheppard

"Kristina provided invaluable support and help, particularly in providing a clear explanation of how the system would work. 

I would have loved to have had her assistance earlier as she was very proactive and keen on assisting us come to terms with a large and complex change."

Karling Hamil

"From every one of Kristina's presentations, I learned at least one thing I didn’t know, and one thing that I needed to go away and implement."

Alex Souter

"It was really helpful to itemise my products and services and also ideas for future products and services.

And also seeing how ad hoc my sales funnel is – that I don’t really have a funnel. I’ve already seen the benefit of just listing the different offerings.

It’s not a process as such, it’s a journey. It’s a conversation you’re having with your customers."

David Ritchie

"I'm pretty happy with my workflow at the moment, I'm getting a lot of productivity. I feel like it’s working well, just following my process."

Lynneh Sheppard

"Thanks Kristina. You have been a rock and such a huge support to me and my team.
I hope we get the chance to work together again because this experience has been so positive."

Gabbi Ring

"Kristina, thanks for your efforts in providing this information.

I just want to take this opportunity to say how much I appreciate your assistance every time I ask. I always get better than expected responses from you, not that I don’t expect a high level of response, it is just that you always deliver over and above.

Thank you."

Sue Lamont