What is the Ultimate Profit Path?

It's the quickest way  to increase your revenue 
AND increase your productivity.

The Ultimate Profit Path focuses on two aspects at once. It's like looking at BOTH sides of a coin

  • Customer Experience
  • Internal systems to support it

Because great Customer Experience = increased revenue.

And you can't have great Customer Experience if you don't have great systems and processes (productivity) to support it...

Customer Experience is the total of all interactions, touchpoints and experiences your customers have with your business

It is proactive in nature. 
It reaches out to customers in various ways and at various times.
It focuses on how customers feel when they interact with you, at all points of interaction.

Internal systems are how you do everything in your business

They cover the workflows, processes, standard operating procedures (SOPs), tools and software that you use every day.
Most of the time, they grow up as the business grows.
Which means they're likely not optimised for the size the business is today... leading to lost revenue, stress and lots of time dealing with issues.

The Ultimate Profit Path makes everything flow easily...

Business transformation

Your customers feel like everything is customised for them, and where they want to go. (While behind the scenes they're following standardised, consistent paths that work for them AND your business.)

Your staff are able to do their job more quickly and easily, because everything is available at their fingertips, and flows to them when they need to do something.

You get to see how everything's going, without having to constantly step in and fix things.

Which all leads to

  • increased revenue
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • reduced wasted time
  • reduced wasted money 
  • less stress and more time spent enjoying your life.

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Kristina Coyne standing on stairs, smiling at camera

Hi, I'm Kristina

With more than 20 years of documented experience helping streamline and automate business processes, I've got a unique perspective on why and how these issues happen, and ways to deliver the efficiency outcomes you're looking for.

Everything I do is intensely practical, with people getting results almost immediately.

Plus we build in flexibility, because if these last couple of years have taught us anything, it's that curve balls can hit when we least expect them...

... so we'd better be able to respond quickly and easily, WITHOUT having to rip everything out and start again.

How we improve your Customer Experience AND internal processes

Hand turning a Leads dial up to High

Do you need more leads? Likely not...

Many businesses think that they need more leads.

And yet, when we look closer at what they're doing with their existing leads, we see that they're often

  • not always following up with leads in a timely manner
  • spending a lot of time with leads who are not qualified
  • spending a lot of time with leads who are "just looking" and not yet ready to buy
  • not acting on clues from the lead that they are nearly ready to buy
  • not capitalising on leads who have already bought.

When we fix all those issues, we improve the conversion rate from the leads the business already has.

Meaning they're less likely to need more leads. 

A number of staff members sitting at a table

Do you need more staff to support this? Likely not...

A common question is - will I have to put on more staff?

Quick answer -  likely not initially.

A lot of research shows that 26% of time in small and medium businesses is wasted through inefficiencies.

When we fix the inefficiencies, you're able to serve many more customers with your existing staff.

Of course, when everything is working efficiently, and you reach the limit of your existing staff, then yes, you may need to add more staff.

And when you do, those new staff are able to get up to speed much more quickly, and be more productive immediately. 

Man in suit and tie looking at his watch

How much time does this take?

Good question

Answer - not nearly as long as you think.

The first step is to work out exactly what needs to be improved, and how we're going to do that.

And this first step only takes a number of weeks.

Then the implementation is straight forward, because you know exactly what to do. Implementation time varies, depending on what is needed. Some things you'll be able to put into place immediately, even while we're working on the plan.

So you'll see dramatic improvements incredibly quickly.

That's one of the main reasons for calling it the Ultimate Profit Path.

Person drawing a line going up, labelled Efficiency

How do you get the staff efficiencies?

A lot of the inefficiencies come about because the business has grown by adding staff here and there, without actually looking at the internal processes that connect them.

Because the customer experience flows across all areas of the business, we specifically look at the process and data flows as the customer interactions move between each area.

This highlights the gaps, duplications and issues.

When we fix them - hey presto! Suddenly everything works much more easily.

Once we've got the processes working really well, we can look at where automation and software may improve things even further.

AND... most businesses get enormous improvement even before we go anywhere near new software.

We also look at how you can make better use of your existing software, which also delivers productivity and efficiency improvements.


Many businesses owners don't know where to start.

That's ok, that's what we do! All day, every day.