Qualifications and Experience


Foundation Certificate in Business Analysis, Information System Examinations Board

Foundation Certificate in Software Testing, International Software Testing Qualification Board

Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), Examination Institute for Information Science

Certified International Software Configuration Manager (Level 2), International Society of Configuration Management

Certified International Configuration Manager (Level 1), International Society of Configuration Management

Graduate Diploma in Marketing, University of Canberra

Bachelor of Arts (Library Science), Kuring-gai College of Advanced Education


After training as a Librarian, I worked for a while in Special Libraries. These are libraries with a specialised subject area, in companies. I worked with mining companies, architects and interior designers, defence electronics and software management.

I then transitioned into working for a software development company, transitioning through training, technical writing and software testing to becoming their most senior Business Analyst.

A business analyst is the bridge between the business and technology. The business analyst needs to understand the business - what they do and how they operate - to make sure that any process improvements or software meet the needs of the business.

I worked with a range of organisations, both public and private, delivering a range of outcomes covering 

  • process improvements
  • business process transformation
  • bespoke software
  • customisation of commercial software.

The most high-profile project I worked on was the Personal Property Securities System (PPSR), an Australia-wide system to replace over 43 different state and national registers of personal property (loans using personal property as security). I worked on the project for a number of years as part of the software development team. After I left that company, I was approached by the government department responsible for the new register to work with them. I did regular presentations to members of the finance industry on how the register would operate and its impact on them.

Since starting my own company, I have worked with a range of organisations, big and small, across a range of different industries.

Kristina Coyne smiling at camera