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  • stop wasting 26% of your time

  • increase revenue by 20-30%

If you had something that was costing you 26% of your time, and 20-30% of your revenue, would you fix it?

For most people, the answer is an emphatic “Heck, Yeah!!!” 


And yet, when people hear that it’s all about fixing those U-N-S-E-X-Y things that don’t seem so important, and yet take up so much time, their enthusiasm wanes.

If you’re like me (and most other people), you want to focus on the exciting, S-E-X-Y stuff. The things that make your staff, clients and competitors go “Wow! That’s so cool!”

But here’s the thing…

Those foundational issues, the way your people work, the tools they use, are actually costing you 26% of your time, and 20-30% of your revenue… 

… and means that the S-E-X-Y stuff you keep working on doesn’t QUITE give you the results you were looking for…

But when you fix those things…?

Oh. My. Goodness! Your business explodes in productivity, staff retention, customer satisfaction, getting better ROI for your marketing dollars… 

… more time off and less stress for you…

… PLUS all of the S-E-X-Y stuff works even better.

And the icing on the cake... there's some practical, straight forward, easy-to-implement things you can do to make this happen. Most people see measurable results within weeks.

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