Hello, I'm Kristina


Hey there, Kristina here. 

Thanks so much for dropping in to say Hi, so we can get to know each other and see how we could best help each other. 

Now, you probably found me because we've been in a networking event recently or on a social media platform or maybe somebody said hey, you need to have a talk to Kristina. 

So I shot this quick video so you could get to know me that little bit more. 

And this is not all about me - I really want to get to know you too. 

Just quickly – I work with time-strapped CEOs to free up 20 hours a week, plus increase their take home.

As a business architect, I work with all the foundational and structural elements of your business, in the same way as an architect of a house. Because business growth over time often outstrips the structures needed to support it and that will allow it to grow even more. 

I like getting fast results, through really practical means.

I’ve got significant background working with organisations to develop and implement software, from small systems like CRMs to enormous software projects. If you’ve bought a second hand car recently, and did a search on PPSR, you’ve used my work. So I know everything that makes a software implementation successful.

Most recently I’ve been working with small to medium businesses who aren’t making the money they want to, they’ve got big plans to grow, and they’re working too hard to get there. They are mostly physical businesses who are experts in their fields, but who don’t know much about how streamlining processes, software and automation can make their lives easier, save them enormous amounts of time and deliver better customer service. 

They often get stuck on looking at one piece of their business at a time, without realising that they’ll get way greater results by looking at the business as a whole, across all the interconnected areas of the business. Those are the things that really give you maximum benefit for comparatively little effort.

That’s enough about me.

I want to find out more about you - what it is that you do and potentially how we could work together to help each other in business. 

I look forward to talking to you real soon. 

Keep well.